Annual Fundraiser Drive


Dear Members,    

       I think we have had a very successful year. A number of programs of social and historical interest were presented and were well received.

      This year, all 23 cemeteries in Center Harbor were identified and recorded. This information was put in a notebook that can be found at the museum. All sites have GPS access.

      We had to move the propane tank to a new location, after an outside wall of the museum was repaired due to severely rotten wood.

      I mention these projects and repairs because it costs a lot of money and many hours of volunteer labor, to support the historical society.

      Most of our society members are “life members” that pay one fee, one time, for life. Dues and donations are a major income for the support of the society. I am asking all dues paying members to continue to support the society. I am also asking all “life” members to continue helping by making voluntary, yearly, donations.

      About “1/5” of our society are dues paying. Donations, from volunteer help to donations of money, will be needed to support the society for the coming year.

      All donations and dues may be sent to: Center Harbor Historical Society,

P.O. Box 98, Center Harbor, NH  03226.  Please have your dues and donations in by Dec.31, 2014 so that you may be listed on our donor list for 2015

      A receipt will be sent to you to be used as a deduction on your tax return.

  Thank you in advance for your support,

   Roland Garland, President

   Center Harbor Historical Society


October Program: Learning to Live with Honey Bees

Ernie Bolduc shares his first-hand experience as a beekeeper as well as his historic research about bees and honey.

Presenter: Ernie Bolduc
Thursday, October 23th 7:00 – 8:30pm

  • Free samples of honey and ice cream
  • Complementary coffee and snacks after the program

September Program: Tuft's Estate

The Tuft’s Estate: The life and work of Warren Manning

Martha H. Lyon, a landscape architect, is studying the life and work of Warren Manning, who was a landscape architect who practiced in the early 20th century, nationwide.  

Mr. Manning had a long relationship with the Tuft’s family [Leonard and James], and was involved in the design of the Tuft’s Estate on Dane Rd in Center Harbor, NH and the Pinehurst property and golf course in North Carolina.

Presenter: Martha Lyon

Thursday, September 25th 7:00 – 8:30pm

Complementary coffee and snacks after the program

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How did you hear about us?

It is hard to find new ways to attract people to our museum, meetings and programs.  We would like to hear how you heard about us.

____ Internet Search

____ Local Newspaper

____ NH365 Events Calendar

____ Word of Mouth

____ Other

Drop us a note or call us:


Phone: 603-968-3902

Mail: Roland Garland, 820 Winona Rd, Center Harbor, NH 03226

August Program: One Room Schoolhouses

It’s hard to imagine a school being just one single room when you look at today’s complex school layouts.  No bells ringing to alert students to move to the next subject, no cafeteria, no gymnasium.  Everything done together in one space.  How many students do you think would be happy with that?  Find out more about what a school day was like in our past by attending our August program.

Presenter: Steve Taylor

Thursday, August 28th 7:00 – 8:30pm

July's Program: The New Hampshire Moose

One of New Hampshire's icons is the Moose.  Enormous, majestic, proud, and sometimes misunderstood-- but not anymore.  Join us on Thursday July 24th at 7:00pm as presenter Kristine Rines, from New Hampshire Fish & Game, to learn more about the New Hampshire Moose.

After the presentation there will be complimentary coffee & snacks.

Why not spend the evening with us?  We'll see you there!

Old Photographs. Can You Help?

At the Centre Harbor Historical Society we get all kinds of inquiries and questions about Centre Harbor, New Hampshire.  A recent inquiry came with some photographs attached and the message:

Message: I have a photo of six young women seated and six adults standing behind.
The back of the photo is stamped: "Photographed by E. W. Smith, Centre Harbor, N. H."

 We were stumped, so we thought we'd put out on the web....

You never know until you ask but is there anyone out there than can identify people in the pictures, or provide information on the photographer E.W. Smith?  Use the contact form below, or go to "Contact Us."

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Old Time Photographs